Monday, August 15, 2005

BVI anchorages - Cane garden bay

Entry into Cane Garden Bay at your sailing vacation is easy with a well marked channel on the North side of the bay. However, beware the north swell, if it is running significantly you are advised to keep clear of the bay, as at best you will spend an uncomfortable night at anchor. Caution would have to be exercised when trying to go ashore in the dinghy if the swell is particularly prevalent. The surf break at the northern side of the bay is well known to the islands surfing community and if they're playing there, perhaps you shouldn't be!

Cane Garden Bay is certainly populated with many restaurants, bars, hotels etc., but it isn't commercialized in the way that someone from Florida is used to at least. It isn't overbuilt, and there are no tall buildings, and no franchise stores. It has a quaint feel, and it's beautiful. Pink and powder blue clapboard houses cling to lush hillsides overlooking a beautiful harbor.

Cane Garden Bay is a great experience and going to sleep with the sounds of bands playing and people partying can seem otherworldly after visiting so many secluded places.

Latetly there have been some reports of stolen dinghies in Cane Garden Bay, so you want to lock your dinghy at night and even at the dock when you go to a bar or restaurant.


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