Friday, August 26, 2005

A fixed itinerary for a bare boat trip in the BVI - not a good idea!

As experienced sailors, which cruised all the way from France, passing Africa, the Canarian Islands and then explored the whole Caribbean we know, that one of the mistakes a beginner makes, is to plan a sailing trip at home, like a trip with a car. You should always adopt your trip to the actual weather conditions and therefore plan from day to day. This will provide you with much smoother sailing and anchoring experience then if you stick to a fixed itinerary. For example, you want to avoid to stay over night in Cane Garden Bay when there is northerly swell, some anchorages in the VI are only safe in the summer. Do not rush at the beginning of your vacation. You need to adopt to the climate and seasickness kicks in much faster if you are stressed and tired. You are in vacation, to relax, not to "collect" islands! If you like parties, find the magazine "Limin' Times" and check out where and when the local bands play. You will get a lot of useful information at the briefing before you leave the base of your bareboat company or go for a crewed charter and have no worries at all, because you are in the hands of proffessionals.


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