Thursday, April 02, 2009

bargain hunting in the caribbean

Bargain hunting is the new pastime in America. Everybody is complaining about the bad shape the economy is in and therefore nobody wants to pay the regular price for any product, including yacht charters. Lower prices for almost all products and specials everywhere seam like a great deal, but a deflationary scenario is the worst economic situation we could be in.
Lower prices lead to lower profit margins for companies, this leads to pressure to cut cost, this leads to switching to lower cost suppliers in countries like communist China, cutting quality and services, all that leads to further job losses in America and therefor the economy loses even more potential buyers of goods.
"Live and let live" is now more important then ever or the recovery will be very slow or we will even slip into a depression.
Putting the blame on "the others" or the government is easy but I think we create the world we live in ourselves and therefor it is time to take on responsibilities in our own lives.
So, America, go and change your light bulbs to fluorescent to solve our energy crisis, buy that reusable bag in your supermarket and stop using plastic bags to solve our waste crisis, turn off the water when you brush your teeth and cut your shower time to solve our water crisis and stop asking for specials to solve our economic crisis.
Or the next time you want to book a charter yacht and pick up the phone you might hear:
"for yacht charters in the Virgin Islands, please press 1"


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