Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peter Island Resort and Marina

Last week we had the opportunity to dock in the Peter Island marina for Valentines Day. Our guest wanted to attend their dinner at night, so we suggested to dock, so they can get dressed up.
We expected to see the marina busy, but found us and three other small yachts as the only customers. What happened? All the bays been full with large yachts, why is nobody enjoying the beautiful setting and amenities of this marina? A short blink on the rate sheet explained it all. "boats over 100 feet $425 plus electricity $150 per night, water $1.00 per gallon"
I guess like this you can even repel the rich and famous.
We enjoyed our night for $125, did not plug in for electricity and our water tanks been full. We took advantage of the surprisingly cheap $4 ice. Unfortunately we ran out of milk and had to invest $10 to get one quart, right, not a gallon.
Our guest enjoyed the breathtaking scenery, lunch at the beach side and not to forget the Valentines dinner with live music in one of the best restaurants in the BVI.
If our guest are happy, we are happy.



At February 21, 2010 5:44 AM, Blogger Richard said...

That was expensive, but I guess it's all worth it. It's very romantic to celebrate valentine's day in a marina with a breathtaking scenery and delicious food in one of the best restaurants. I'm sure my girl would love to have that kind of getaway this love month.

Thanks for sharing and more power.

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