Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Product review "Jabsco Lite Flush Electric Toilet"

At the beginning of the year we decided that our guest bathroom on Sailing Yacht Billy Jean will get a makeover! Therefore we ordered a new shower head from Jeanneau in France and installed it and then there was the good old pump toilet that looked a little antiquated. In a boaters magazine I saw an ad for this brand new" innovative design, low power" electric toilet by Budget Marine. The fact that it was designed to "instantly retrofit your existing manual toilet" was tempting and we went to the store, found out the price, had a look at it and got the first and only one off the shelf, ten minutes after they put it there.
The next day a seasoned mechanic installed it. After 3 hours he said "this will not fit, the room is too small".
What happened? The footprint of the toilet is the same like its manual brother, but because all the pumps are enclosed, what makes it look pretty (can a toilet look pretty?) the big water hoses in and out had no place to go. But because we never give up and find solutions for problems, we used an old cutting board to extend the pedestal by 2 inches, so we could move the toilet away from the wall and ....voila! another 3 hours later the toilet had her first electrifying flush!
The next day our first of 5 charters in a row started and the happiness did not last long. It took about 4 days and 5 sheets of regular toilet paper to cause a clog and the damage was done. We got all the paper out, but the out pump made a high pitch noise. The toilet survived until 2 days before the second charter ended. That was it!
Jabsco was very helpful to get a new toilet to St. Thomas over night, our brave mechanic installed it the same day and we changed the toilet paper to the "rapid dissolving, septic tank safe - made for RV's and boats" kind. Since then, 3 more charters later everything works like a charm.
The toilet looks sleek, is easy to clean, less noisy the other electric toilets and because it does the whole flush cycle with one press of a button it is very "landlubber friendly". But DO NOT USE REGULAR THICK AND CUSHY TOILET PAPER!!!!!!
I like the version with the foot switch better then the one with the wall mount switch. It is easier to install and eliminates one unsealed connection, what is always problematic in a wet area.
We will keep you updated!

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